Mad Melt on University closes

According to a Facebook update posted on the MAD melt page by owner Peter Madden, the restaurant concept has been permanently shuttered. Following is an excerpt from that post: “To put it bluntly, we are closed permanently as a restaurant. Yesterday, May 1st, was our last day. It just did not make sense to keep it open any longer. Without going into a lot of detail, it was costing more money to operate it than to close it. In other words, I lose less money by closing than by keeping it open. We thought about making an announcement, but to be honest, I really did not want to create a potential situation in which we had people lined up outside the door for one last taste or a first visit. We were short staffed and we slowly dwindled our product down, so if that situation had occurred, we likely would have failed to serve our supporters adequately. We will be honoring any MAD melt gift cards at MAD taco on Greens Prairie.”

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